Suggestion Engine S3

Keyword Suggest

Keyword Suggest displays suggested keywords when customers type words into the search window. It is particularly useful when a customer does not know the exact product name. Further, as customers can simply click to choose from a selection of suggested keywords before they finish entering their search, they can search without making errors in the search terms. Suggested keywords also help customers confirm that the keyword that they are entering is the correct one.

Keyword Suggest allows customers to notice when they have entered a keyword that has no matches, a mistake that would normally only be discovered on the search results page. Because humans can make faster decisions by seeing rather than entering information, the presence of multiple suggested keywords provides a sense of security and convenience that exceeds expectations.

Universal Knowledge’s Suggestion S3 records customer behavior in a log just like the Product Search Engine P1 in order to display the most suitable suggested keywords through comprehensive data analysis. Our unique UK Rank algorithm contributes to increased sales by displaying the suggested keywords that customers are searching for. Through data analysis of customer behavior, seasonal and popular items are automatically displayed at the top of search results, which makes searching easy and increases sales.

Product Suggest

Product Suggest is a function that displays products next to keyword suggestions. Three products matching the keywords are displayed as a small product suggestion, much like a mini search result. By clicking on the product, customers can take the shortest route to the product details page without having to go through the search results page.

  • Category Suggest

    Category Suggest is a function that recommends product categories rather than keywords. While customers will be taken to the search results page when they click a suggested keyword, if they click a suggested category they will be taken directly to the category’s page.

    It allows customers to directly access a category page rather than the search results if the entered keyword matches a category provided by the eCommerce site, resulting in the display of more optimized content.

  • Category Mark Suggest

    Category Mark Suggest can narrow down keyword search results through the use of categories. By predicting the category that customers are searching for and displaying keywords + narrowed down categories, it conveniently allows customers to be directly taken to a target page if a certain keyword is included in products that are listed under various categories.

Related Search Terms

While candidate keywords that are displayed beneath a search window are called keyword suggestions, Related Search Terms is a function that displays other candidate keywords on the search results page.

As the main purpose of keyword suggest is to supplement keyword entries, the first part of suggested keywords will match the entered keywords. However, since Related Search Terms are not necessarily limited to such first part matching, they will be displayed as long as they are related to the entered keywords.